Saturday at the Art Mart


This weekend marked the conclusion of the first month of our residency at the Roundhouse, so to celebrate we brought the lab outside onto the turntable, complete with our Good Ideas booth, the Tin Can Studio and some collaborative weaving, in case you’re like us and find it useful to *make* in order to *think*.

20150704_143228 20150704_151458

Maybe it’s the unusually hot (and dry) weather we’re having, but it seemed like people were really digging deep when offering up their good ideas. Things got a little philosophical:

1436049325626  IMG_20150704_144443


Good Ideas… vs Bad Ideas

Things over at the Good Idea Lab have remained experimental – we’ve been chatting with the people that are wondering through the centre to find collect good ideas, examine them and start to build an archive of them for use in some of the artworks we’ll be making over the summer.

In one of our labs in the cafe space discussion we had a particularly keen group of kids drop by from the Jump Gymnastics program and they, in true inquisitive form, asked: but what about bad ideas? And it’s true, without bad ideas have a very important role in helping us think up good ones. We particularly liked this one from Elsa, age 5.


But not all the ideas we came up with were bad, thanks to Matios from Calfornia for this one:


And over this past week we continued to settle into the unused Cafe space at the Roundhouse and turn it into our Laboratory!

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Come visit. But remember: if you’ve got a good (or bad?) idea and the lab isn’t open, you can always call the hotline and leave a message for us – 778-775-3547.