Good Idea: Secret Surprise Pods!

We’ve been enjoying getting to the different folks that access the Roundhouse. The Day Campers here are always excited to get creative and think up new ideas! This week we created Secret Surpise Pods – geometric boxes containing messages, buttons, drawings, good ideas, jokes and more… We all had fun thinking up the contents and decorating the pods, then we hid them all around the centre for people to discover throughout the week!

Let us know if you find one!



If you’ve ever met Jenny and I, you know that we love Food Mash-ups, or different types of food put together in such a way as to create something new… maybe a NEW TASTE SENSATION! Have you ever tried Sushi Pizza? No? Well you should! (No really you actually should, its great!).

The Food Mash-up game is a tool we’ve created to help us generate some Good Ideas. Participants picked slips of paper from different bowls to discover some suggestions of potential food pairings. We asked the day campers to illustrate and convince us of the merits of their Food Mash-up Idea! You can see their drawings up on the wall in the Good Idea Lab. Here are a few of the new creations!20425170236_90ff28fca9_k (1) 19828710604_9c9725886f_k 20264707629_bd862642e7_k